maxresdefaultHi there! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Let me tell you a little about myself (I’m guessing you’re interested, since you came to this specific page).

I started this blog because of a somewhat selfish reason: you see, I like to draw, paint, photograph, you know, and I was always uploading things into blogs and sharing platforms, as happy as a clam, when I started seeing my work doing the rounds on the web – without my name on it! Close friends also remarked that they had seen some of my stuff being credit to other people, or being used on T-shirts sold God knows where (actually, this is a funny story – someone asked me for one of the tees, thinking that I was responsible for them. Ah, not!).

At first I got really pissed – as in flames coming out of my head, like a cartoon. But then it hit me: it’s not because it’s online that it doesn’t have someone responsible for it. I mean, nothing sprouts from the ground (besides actual sprouts, but that’s not the point), there had to be someone with enough brains to concoct that idea and make it happen. But it was my responsibility to protect my intellectual property, and no one else’s – not even those poor creatures (to keep it polite) that were using it; it’s probably never occurred to them that there was someone behind that image that makes a living (or tries to!) off it.

So I started searching for ways to protect what’s mine. Now, I don’t mind if you use my images for yourself, like as desktop wallpaper. But if you make money off me, it’s only fair that some of it comes to my pocket – am I right?

And whilst it’s relatively simple (although a little costly), it does involve a certain level of legal mumble-jumble, which, frankly, took me some time to get used to (remember, I’m an artist, not a legal evil mind). And then I thought to myself “you cannot possibly be the only one”, and BAM!, here I am.

All these paragraphs in and still haven’t told you what I’m about. Well, the idea behind this blog is to make it a little easier for you, my fellow artists, to protect your work from the T-shirt sellers of the world; here is where I intend to share all the tidbits and know-hows I can on how to get your work to remain yours only whilst out there in the vast world wide web. Copyright, trademark, patents, Creative Commons, it can all be a little confusing, and a little challenging when considering which to choose/get/apply for. And I sincerely hope that the knowledge that I have gathered in my journey from copied artist to copyrighted artists will help others, and then maybe some day everyone will know that being displayed on the Internet does not mean it’s up for grabs or isn’t someone’s bread and butter.

I guess that’s it. Please feel free to leave suggestions on topics you’d like to read more about.

See you around!