Sharing the Work: Where

by NAU21 June 15, 2016

The Internet is a wonderful place; with all those social media platforms available it’s easy to get our work noticed. But there is a problem we artists face when putting our work online: it can be stolen. Not in the “give me the cash and nobody gets hurt” way, but the “someone might copy it […]

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Ways to Protect Your (Copy) Rights

by NAU21 June 12, 2016

We small artists certainly lack a lot of things that come easier to people associated with the big labels and companies; in my opinion, what we miss the most are the lawyers. Because they’ve been trained to navigate the treacherous waters of law, and we haven’t. When I started this blog I set up to […]

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Intellectual Property: Why It Matters

by NAU21 June 5, 2016

Intellectual property has always been subject to theft, and it seems like nowadays it’s an epidemic. Just think about it: how many times have you downloaded a song, a video, a book, whatever, without paying for it? And what about images? Do you have the same qualms about copying a cute photo of a cat […]

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